Sepsis in the Neonate â?? Nursesâ?? Knowledge

Statement of the Problem: Neonatal infections can be caused by extraordinary variety of microorganism and can present many specific features. Most neonatal bacterial infections have an early bacteraemic phase preceding the development of a full-blown septicaemia or the localization of infection in organs and tissues. Progression from mild symptoms to death can occur in less than 24 hours. In preterm infants, early-onset neonatal sepsis (EOS) is most consistently defined as occurring in the first 3 days of life and is caused by bacterial pathogens transmitted vertically from mother to infant. In the early stages, signs are subtle and often noted first by the nurses or the mother. Such concerns must always be taken seriously and should not be overridden by the findings of a single clinical examination, especially when risk factors for sepsis are present.


Anna Rozensztrauch

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