International conference on Applied Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Nabil Abou Baker

Professor, University of Chicago, US, E-mail: [email protected]

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Submission guidelines and registration prices information for Speakers and Delegates are posted on the Applied Microbiology website at Online entries will be accepted from November 01, 2019- June 15, 2020.

Applied Microbiology 2020 will be held in Vancouver, Canada from July 24-25, 2020.

Applied Microbiology 2020 aims to provide a platform where academics and practitioners from cross-disciplinary fields from education, environmental protection industry, and business can come together and collaborate. The event will encourage the exploration of the potential synergies that may arise from pooling the different perspectives. We invite you to submit papers on Applied Microbiology. Poster and oral presentations, and thesis presentations will be included in the Conference Program. Applied Microbiology cover all aspects of Microbiology and Pathology, and broadly encompasses Microbiology processes, and Atmospheric Changes, Infectious Diseases. It also considers the interactions between humans and these systems.

*Are you willing to showcase research results and recent objectives achieved? During Applied Microbiology 2020, all participants will be able to provide at the Applied Microbiology registration desk a poster outlining your main results. Why?

Because you will have the chance to present them at the Knowledge exchange session (July 24 forenoon) and meet the authors of the speech you find most interesting during the final Networking Session!


Vancouver is Canada's 3rd largest city with an area population of just under 3 million. It has the mildest climate (along with Victoria) in Canada. Unlike most Canadian Cities, Vancouver is divided into several selfgoverning municipalities. (Vancouver city itself only has a population of about 565,000). The generic term for Vancouver and its environs is the "Lower Mainland" or "Greater Vancouver".

Vancouver is North America's second largest Port (in tonnage & physical size - after New York) and one of the world’s major cruise ship ports. I believe it is the 4th largest cruise ship terminus in the world.

Applied Microbiology is an international multidisciplinary field concerned with all aspects of interaction between humans, natural resources, special climates:

• Agriculture Microbiology

• Microbial Identification and Contamination

• Microbial Biochemistry and Molecular Immunology

• Plant Microbiology

• Bacteriology, Bacterial Pathogens & Associated diseases

• Molecular Microbiology.

• Cellular Microbiology & Systems Microbiology.

• Food Microbiology.

• Marine Microbiology

In pursuit of these topics, the Medical disciplines are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. Major disciplines include: Microbiology, Pathology, Marine Microbiology.

Subject Advantages:

• Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face

• Networking Opportunities

• Learning in a New Space

• New Tips & Tactics



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